so there's this cat

so there's this cat
an old ginger cat
lording over a stoop on Côte-Vertu
regal, presidential
wearily watching traffic
zero interest in cuddles or
budging or my passing by
I stopped to shoot a picture
(as one does)
from the far sidewalk across from
the only Taco Bell on Montreal Island
which is also a KFC
smearing, smudging
spreading my fingers onscreen
to capture this cat
eyes barely open
wincing at the sun
paws folded inward
quietly judging your jones
enjoy your bean slurry bud
or maybe you're more into
the weird brown pulp
that passes for beef
ooh isn't it delectable when
the ochre ooze and
the golden ooze
detonate a salt bomb in your stomach
ooh isn't it a thrill
when that flour tortilla with
the consistency of Plasticine
sticks to your teeth like a flytrap
and you rinse that shit out
with a novelty soda whose
name connotes artillery fire
widespread ruin
or martial law
and your teeth feel like old candy
and your acid reflux acts up
and you barter grease for dopamine
and the cat blinks
and you grimace at the image you've taken
and you consider the popcorn chicken instead