Derek's Top 200 Albums of All Time

The list was made with the two following constraints: no artist can have more than 4 albums on the list, and no year can have more than 6.


Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, Night Moves (1976)
James Brown, Live at the Apollo (1963)
Harold Budd and Brian Eno, The Pearl (1984)
Muse, Black Holes and Revelations (2006)
Loose Fur, Born Again in the USA (2006)
Steely Dan, Pretzel Logic (1974)
Run the Jewels, Run the Jewels (2013)
The Beatles, The Beatles (1968)
Steely Dan, Aja (1977)
John Prine, John Prine (1971)
Rockpile, Seconds of Pleasure (1980)
Fleet Foxes, Shore (2020)
The Blasters, The Blasters (1981)
Fred Frith, Gravity (1980)
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Green River (1969)
Cheap Trick, Cheap Trick at Budokan (1978)
Steely Dan, The Royal Scam (1976)
Kate Bush, Hounds of Love (1985)
Queen, A Night at the Opera (1975)
Daft Punk, Alive 2007 (2007)
Ween, Chocolate and Cheese (1994)
Big Star, #1 Record (1972)
Deltron 3030, Deltron 3030 (2000)
Brian Eno, Ambient 1: Music for Airports (1978)
Iron and Wine, Our Endless Numbered Days (2004)
Iron Maiden, The Number of the Beast (1982)
Michael Jackson, Thriller (1982)
Budgie, Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (1973)
Sloan, Navy Blues (1998)
Arcade Fire, Funeral (2004)
Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space (1997)
The Tragically Hip, Phantom Power (1998)
Run-D.M.C., Run-D.M.C. (1984)
They Might Be Giants, Flood (1990)
Michael Hedges, Aerial Boundaries (1984)
Sturgill Simpson, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music (2014)
Tom Waits, Rain Dogs (1985)
LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening (2010)
The Decemberists, The King is Dead (2011)
Tycho, Awake (2014)
Tom Waits, Mule Variations (1999)
Japandroids, Celebration Rock (2012)
Eric B. & Rakim, Paid in Full (1987)
Slick Rick, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick (1988)
Secret Machines, Now Here Is Nowhere (2004)
Dan Deacon, Bromst (2009)
Madvillain, Madvillainy (2004)
Creedence Clearwtaer Revival, Cosmo's Factory (1970)
Oingo Boingo, Good for Your Soul (1983)
Neil Young, After the Gold Rush (1970)
AC/DC, T.N.T. (1975)
Lifter Puller, Fiestas and Fiascos (2000)
Jellyfish, Spilt Milk (1993)
Kraftwerk, Computer World (1981)
The Flaming Lips, The Soft Bulletin (1998)
They Might Be Giants, Apollo 18 (1992)
The Mountain Goats, Beat the Champ (2015)
The Mountain Goats, Goths (2017)
Neil Young, Harvest (1972)
Opeth, Damnation (2003)
Radiohead, Kid A (2000)
Morphine, Yes (1995)
Ween, The Mollusk (1997)
Frank Sinatra, In the Wee Small Hours (1955)
Iron and Wine, The Shepherd's Dog (2007)
Scott Gilmore, Subtle Vertigo (2017)
Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska (1982)
Makoto Matsushita, First Light (1981)
Morphine, Cure for Pain (1993)
Lyle Lovett, Pontiac (1987)
Ween, White Pepper (2000)
They Might Be Giants, They Might Be Giants (1986)
Daft Punk, Random Access Memories (2013)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Trilogy (1972)
Yes, The Yes Album (1971)
Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes (2008)
Hiroshi Sato, Awakening (1982)
Beck, Sea Change (2002)
LCD Soundsystem, Sound of Silver (2007)
They Might Be Giants, Lincoln (1988)
Barenaked Ladies, Gordon (1992)
William Tyler, Modern Country (2016)
Leo Kottke, 6- and 12-String Guitar (1969)
The Meters, Rejuvenation (1974)
Cake, Comfort Eagle (2001)
J Dilla, Donuts (2006)
Hot Hot Heat, Make Up the Breakdown (2002)
Weezer, Weezer (1994)
Pelican, The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw (2005)
Grandaddy, The Sophtware Slump (2000)
Menomena, Mines (2010)
The Beatles, Abbey Road (1969)
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Willy and the Poor Boys (1969)
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Damn the Torpedoes (1979)
John Hiatt, Slow Turning (1988)
Roxy Music, For Your Pleasure (1973)
David Bowie, Hunky Dory (1971)
Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Tatsuro Yamashita, Ride on Time (1980)
Little Feat, Waiting for Columbus (1978)
Neutral Milk Hotel, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998)
Dave Brubeck Quartet, Time Out (1959)
Hum, Inlet (2020)
Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues (2011)
Jethro Tull, Thick As a Brick (1972)
Oingo Boingo, Only a Lad (1981)
Dr. Octogon, Dr. Octogonycologist (1996)
The Clientele, Strange Geometry (2005)
Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)
Monks, Black Monk Time (1966)
Leo Kottke, Dreams and All That Stuff (1974)
Prince and the Revolution, Purple Rain (1984)
Hum, You'd Prefer an Astronaut (1995)
Kenny Loggins, Keep the Fire (1979)
John Hiatt, Bring the Family (1987)
Donald Fagen, Karmakiriad (1993)
John Fahey, Blind Joe Death (1959)
Daniel Bélanger, Quatre saisons dans le désordre (1996)
John Prine, Sweet Revenge (1973)
Talking Heads, Speaking in Tongues (1983)
Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (2007)
XTC, Drums and Wires (1979)
Little Feat, Sailin' Shoes (1972)
Steely Dan, Gaucho (1980)
Neil Young, On the Beach (1974)
City Girl, Neon Impasse (2018)
The Presidents of the United States of America, The Presidents of the United States of America (1995)
The Decemberists, Picaresque (2005)
The Cars, The Cars (1978)
Sloan, Commonwealth (2014)
Phoebe Bridgers, Punisher (2020)
Silver Jews, American Water (2018)
Talking Heads, Remain in Light (1980)
AC/DC, Powerage (1978)
Donald Fagen, The Nightfly (1982)
Replacements, Let it Be (1984)
Silver Apples, Silver Apples (1968)
Kanye West, Yeezus (2013)
Primus, Frizzle Fry (1990)
Cowboy Junkies, The Trinity Session (1988)
Neil Young, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)
The War on Drugs, A Deeper Understanding (2017)
Nomeansno, Wrong (1989)
Joni Mitchell, Blue (1971)
Primus, Sailing the Seas of Cheese (1991)
The Blue Nile, Hats (1989)
XTC, Skylarking (1986)
Willie Nelson, Stardust (1978)
Thin Lizzy, Jailbreak (1976)
Michael Jackson, Off the Wall (1979)
Fang Island, Fang Island (2010)
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bayou Country (1969)
Vampire Weekend, Vampire Weekend (2008)
Boris Vian, Chansons possibles et impossibles (1956)
The Tragically Hip, Fully Completely (1992)
The Beach Boys, Smile (1967)
Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 (1972)
Built to Spill, Keep It Like a Secret (1999)
Beach Bunny, Honeymoon (2020)
Rush, Moving Pictures (1981)
Modest Mouse, Good News for People Who Love Bad News (2004)
The Clientele, Suburban Light (2000)
Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes (1983)
Townes Van Zandt, Townes Van Zandt (1969)
Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
Lemon Jelly, Lost Horizons (2002)
Vince Guaraldi Trio, A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
The Tragically Hip, Day for Night (1994)
Meat Puppets, Huevos (1987)
The Rural Alberta Advantage, Deprating (2011)
John Fahey, The New Possibility (1968)
AC/DC, Back in Black (1980)
The Clientele, God Save the Clientele (2007)
Jim O'Rourke, Insignificance (2001)
Radiohead, OK Computer (1997)
Tom Waits, Small Change (1976)
Cheap Trick, Dream Police (1979)
Devo, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978)
Kraftwerk, Trans-Europe Express (1977)
The Mountain Goats, The Sunset Tree (2005)
Clutch, Robot Hive/Exodus (2005)
Sturgill Simpson, Sound and Fury (2019)
The Hold Steady, Boys and Girls in America (2006)
Fripp & Eno, Evening Star (1975)
Tom Waits, Closing Time (1973)
Sade, Diamond Life (1984)
Radiohead, The Bends (1995)
Tom Petty, Full Moon Fever (1989)
Dan Deacon, America (2012)
Daft Punk, Discovery (2001)
Sloan, One Chord to Another (1996)
King Crimson, Discipline (1981)
Seaside Lovers, Memories in Beach House (1983)
Tatsuro Yamashita, For You (1982)
ZZ Top, Tres Hombres (1973)
Los Lobos, Kiko (1992)
Max Richter, Sleep (2015)
Hiroshi Yoshimura, Green (1986)
Tony Molina, Kill the Lights (2018)
Beastie Boys, Ill Communication (1994)